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What is in the new version?

This is the new version of the Meta-Analysis Calculator. It is fully Twitter BootStrap 3, using the lastest versions of jQuery and bootstrap based on an HTML5 layout. Earlier versions were written in XHTML and HTML4, with the original version using a table based layout. The first version was written in HyperCard/SuperCard and Toolbook (for Windows compatibility.)

What Has Changed?


June, 2016. Added complete editing capacities. Now clicking on the edit link for a row on the study results table will allow the user to edit the entry.


Perhaps the largest change was to go from a semi-tables based layout to a full HTML5, jQuery 1.11 and Bootstrap 3 layout. Some CSS customization was made, mainly using the SpaceLab theme from Bootswatch and select work-arounds or adjustments to colour etc.


In earlier versions of the Meta-Analysis Calculator, everything was done from a JavaScript prompt. This could create a number of problems, the least of them is that its not all that accessible or user friendly. In contrast, the new version uses Bootstrap 3 Modals for converting the study statistics to a common metric. Modals are streamlined, but flexible, dialog prompts with the minimum required functionality and smart defaults. This greatly enhanced usability.


This site is heavily dependent on JavaScript. Aside from using Bootstrap 3 and the DataTables plugin, both of which depend on jQuery, the conversion routines were gone over very carefully. Those conversion routines where appropriate were modified to be able to fully handle unequal groups in t-tests and Cohen's d for instance.